In the event of a lost or detached drill head, Wisconsin Utility Exposure can safely hydrovac down to the location and expose the drill head for retrieval. After locating the drill head, this procedure keeps restoration cost down and your job on schedule.

Drill head recovery is a common procedure amongst construction and drilling companies. Many drill heads and drilling machines are affected from the elements of the underground. The impact from subsurface environmental collateral damage can be destructive for most machinery. Wisconsin Utility Exposure allows pinpoint placement for recovery to maximize production while protecting overlying subsurface units from potential cross-contamination. Our hydrovac excavation equipment is capable of providing exact location of your drill head quickly.

Wisconsin Utility Exposure provides the most reliable hydro excavation services including reliable drill recovery and a variety of comprehensive hydrovac solutions. From pipeline crossing to specialty digging, Wisconsin Utility Exposure customizes their drilling programs to meet your specific product recovery needs under the most challenging of conditions. Our hydrovac excavation trucks perform the safest hydrovac excavations in any condition. With hydrovac excavation equipment capable of digging up to 85’ deep through all soil types, we are sure to recover your drill head.


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