Hydrovac: a non-destructive process using pressurized water (hydro) and a vacuum system (vac) to remove soil cover, thereby allowing a visual observation of buried underground facilities.


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Wisconsin Utility Exposure is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).


Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc. is Wisconsin’s oldest Hydrovac company, since 1999 we have exposed over 400,000 buried utilities without damage. We perform safe, non-destructive digging for:

  • directional drillers
  • contractors
  • municipalities
  • utility companies
  • industrial facilities
  • oil refineries
  • gas stations

We offer you a specialized and experienced professional team who can locate potential utility conflicts on your project. Wisconsin Utility Exposure takes out the difficulties associated with exposing underground pipelines and utilities. We virtually eliminate the risk of damaging the existing underground infrastructures.

Wisconsin Hydrovac Company Providing Unequaled Safe Excavation Services

Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc, the premier Milwaukee Hydrovac company, provides unrivaled safety and cost effectiveness in the utility locating and excavation industry.  Our non-destructive utility location and hydro-excavation services minimize environmental collateral damage, making Wisconsin Utility Exposure the best choice for the environment as well as your bottom line.  Don’t risk your employees’ safety or high restoration costs with the safety hazards associated with destructive, mechanical excavation.  Choose Wisconsin Utility Exposure for all your safe excavation and utility locating needs.

Safe, Cost Effective Wisconsin Hydro Excavation Services

Wisconsin Hydro Excavation Company

From underground utility locating and slot trenching to potholing and debris removal, Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc provides a wide range of safe excavation services.  Our experienced hydro excavation contractors utilize top-of-the-line Hydrovac equipment to provide the safest and only non-destructive method of digging for a number of applications. Choosing Hydrovac, over any other form of digging, eliminates nearly any risk of damaging underground utilities or infrastructure.  Our highly trained Wisconsin Hydrovac experts follow the most stringent safety policies and procedures, ensuring you receive the absolute safest hydro excavation and utility locating service.

Efficient Hydro Excavation and Utility Locating Services

Choosing Wisconsin Utility Exposure’s hydro excavation services provides unequaled cost efficiency compared to machine excavation or hand digging. Hydrovac services are much less destructive and more efficient, reducing unnecessary labor costs.  Minimizing destruction to the underground infrastructure and surrounding area means significantly lower restoration costs. Our Hydrovac trucks, designed specifically for excavating, guarantee that the most efficient and effective service is provided.

Hydrovac Services in All Conditions

Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc provides the most reliable Wisconsin hydro excavation services with 24-hour service available year-round.  Our Hydrovac trucks perform unmatched safe excavation in any condition.  Our hydro excavation equipment is capable of digging up to 85’ deep through all soil types including clay and even frost.  Our Hydrovac truck operators have the experience and expertise to handle even the most difficult tasks. Wisconsin Utility Exposure performs regular equipment maintenance to keep our numerous trucks in top shape, ensuring quality service you can rely on.

Your Source for Hydrovac and Safe Excavation

Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc is your best source for safe excavation services in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Racine County and throughout Wisconsin.  Our 24-hour emergency service, reliable equipment and dedicated employees make Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc the Milwaukee hydro excavation company you can depend on.  

Contact the Milwaukee Hydrovac professionals at Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc for more information on our safe excavation services for your next digging project.