Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc. takes out the difficulties associated with exposing underground pipelines and utilities. We virtually eliminate the risk of damaging the existing underground infrastructure.

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Hydrovac Excavation Hose - Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc.
Minimally Invasive & Destructive - Hydrovac Excavation


  • The hydrovac trucks have the ability of handling up to 70 cu. yds/day (depending upon application).

  • We have hot water capabilities for going through frost. Each truck has 700,000 BTU’S heater capable of heating water up to 160 F.

  • The hydrovac trucks have a variable flow water pump allowing us to adjust water pressure from 0 psi – 3000psi. (This will allow us to change water pressure to accommodate all conditions).

  • The hydrovac trucks are able to pull 28 HGM at 5800 CFM (27” of mercury) thus allowing us to dead head the vacuum and lift large rocks. This can only be done with a positive displacement blower.

Hydrovac Truck for Excavation - Wisconsin Utility Exposure, Inc.
  • The hydrovac trucks have the capabilities of digging depths of up to 85’ deep and 450’ away from the truck. (We have completed actual work at these depths and distances).

  • The hydrovac trucks run off an 8” vacuum line and have the ability to be reduced all the way down to a 2” line, thus accommodating different applications.


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