Wisconsin Utility Exposure can provide ease of mind if you’re excavating in or near a substation. By removing soil with minimal disturbance to the extensive amount of underground utilities, our Hydrovac trucks provide safe and effective digging while eliminating costly damage to utility lines. Our hydrovac excavation trucks can perform from 400 feet away so even the most complex job is possible. Whether it’s a substation addition or full station installation, the hydrovac specialists at Wisconsin Utility Exposure can help with your excavation needs.

Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation for Substation Installations

Wisconsin Utility Exposure provides a secure, non-destructive excavation solution for excavating near substations and distribution stations. Not only are our hydrovac services minimally invasive, they eliminate the risk of damaging underground utilities during digging.

Other benefits of choosing hydrovac when excavating near a substation include:

  • It’s suitable for congested areas that are likely to have abundant hidden utilities and pipeline crossings
  • It can be used in hard-to-reach areas with reduced overhead clearance
  • There’s little to no disruptive footprint, so restoration costs are minimized
  • There’s minimal need for backfill
  • It’s 10x faster than hand shoveling
  • It can be used during the winter and when soil is frozen
  • It eliminates the risk of utility line damage from destructive digging methods


Contact our hydrovac experts today to see why hydrovac excavation is the absolute best non-digging solution for your substation project. There’s no better choice!


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