Wisconsin Utility Exposure offers hydrovac shoring solutions that effectively reveal hidden underground utilities, leaving a safe and exposed area for shoring placement. With over 1,000,000+ utility locates in Wisconsin, you can trust our team to make sure your shoring area is clear of debris and hidden surprises.

Why Hydrovac for Shoring Applications Works So Well

Wisconsin Utility Exposure can help with the shoring placement for your next project. Shoring must be secure and have minimal complications to keep your underground construction project running smoothly. Our quick and easy hydrovac method of digging safely lifts debris to reveal the hidden utilities below, leaving a clean, safe shoring area with no hidden surprises.

Whether your crew is working to repair underground utilities or is working on a substation, shoring placement that protects the integrity of the worksite is vital. Even a small excavation project can be dangerous if proper shoring isn’t in place.

Our fleet of hydrovac trucks can support your shoring needs by:

  • Reaching digging depths that are suitable for most excavation projects, including those needed for piling holes, substation excavations, petroleum plant excavations, slot trenches, specialty digging projects, and more (up to 85’ deep).
  • Minimizing disturbance to dig sites by stationing themselves up to 450’ feel away from excavation areas.
  • Providing an effective excavation solution for frozen soil and winter projects.
  • Safely exposing hard-to-reach and/or congested areas with existing infrastructure.
  • Accessing narrow spaces that traditional digging methods


Hydrovac excavation services for shoring placement offer a reliable and cost-effective approach to expose underground utilities in a shoring area. A smart alternative to hand digging, our services are appropriate for any project that needs to prioritize the safety of personnel and the surrounding infrastructure. This includes:

  • Substation repair and installation projects

  • Underground Utility Repair Projects

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