Specialty Digging Project with Hydrovac ExcavationWhether your digging around utilities or in a compact congested area, Wisconsin Utility Exposure provides efficient and safe excavation. Our hydrovac vacuum trucks work by using a combination of high pressure water and vacuum power to safely dig without disturbing utility lines. We can handle any type of excavation and provide services on all types of digging projects. With our versatile, hydrovac trucks, the specialists at Wisconsin Utility Exposure have you covered on all your excavation projects.

Safe, Sensitive Specialty Digging with Wisconsin Utility ExposureOur professional hydrovac excavating specialists have been highly trained and have a deep knowledge of the hazards and security that come along with hydrovac excavating. Even in difficult conditions, our staff and trucks thrive under pressure and it shows with over 1,000,000+ undamaged locates where we’ve performed hydrovac. The cost-effective way to ensure safety with your specialty digging is with Wisconsin Utility Exposure, we are capable of removing up to 70 cubic yards per day of covering material. We eliminate the chance of damaging the precious underground hardware and perform with our extremely well-maintained trucks. The experts in hydrovac at Wisconsin Utility Exposure are here to identify the buried infrastructure for your business as carefully as possible.

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