Hydrovac Truck Doing Core & Restore ExcavationWisconsin Utility Exposure’s hydrovac keyhole core and restore services provide an efficient alternative to traditional construction on hard surfaces. Core Drilling is a minimally destructive, cost-effective way to expose infrastructure under hard surfaces such as paved roadways, highways, and sidewalks.

How Hydrovac Core and Restore Works

Wisconsin Utility Exposure - Non-Invasive Core and RestoreConstruction and repair projects in areas with already crowded infrastructure are always tricky, and paved surfaces are no different. Not only is there the need to avoid damaging existing underground utilities, crews also need to minimize and repair surface damage as efficiently as possible.

Each project begins with a precision-drilled core that is tunneled through the surface of the pavement or cement to the ground. Once this core “plug” is removed, our hydrovac experts can safely expose the utilities below, negating the risk of ruptured lines and damaged infrastructure during excavation.

Once the utility locating process is completed, it is backfilled and restored using a DOT-approved epoxy that minimizes the appearance of surface damage. In fact, after a properly executed core and restore project, it is typically hard to tell that any work was done on the surface at all.


Wisconsin Utility Exposure leads the industry in locating underground utilities under hard surfaces such as paved roads and walkways. So, if your next project involves a hard surface excavation, we can help.

Our hydrovac Core and Restore solutions offer:

  • Precise measurements and/or verifications of the type, size, and depth of underground utilities
  • Utility locating that safely exposes congested infrastructure, even under hard surfaces
  • A minimally invasive alternative to digging for repairs to roads and pavement
  • A way to access utilities under paved surfaces that minimizes surface damage and subsequent repairs, which inevitably minimizes project costs and delays

For speed and precision, hydrovac coring and restoring is the best way to locate and verify utilities under paved and hard surfaces. Contact our core and restore experts today to learn more!


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