Utility Pole Hole Dug by Hydrovac ExcavationWisconsin Utility Exposure provides safe and efficient hydrovac  excavation services for utility pole installation projects of all sizes. If your project requires pole holes, our team of hydrovac specialists can help. We can dig holes for all types of utility poles, including:

  • Light poles
  • Telecommunications poles
  • Power poles
  • Traffic lights
  • Sign posts
  • And more
Choose Hydrovac Services for Fast Pole Hole Digging

If you want to reduce labor costs and risks to your utility pole installation project, it’s time to go hydrovac. Vacuum excavation for hole digging is 10x quicker than manual digging, and it practically eliminates the risk of accidental rupturing of underground pipes and lines during excavation.

Unlike traditional digging methods, which use heavy equipment or hand-held shovels, hydrovac is a non-destructive alternative to digging pole holes that uses pressurized water to liquify and then extract soil. Not only does this offer an extremely efficient method of excavation, it practically eliminates the risk of damaging lines and pipes during excavation.


When the right equipment is used, hydrovac excavation for hole digging is the safest, most efficient method on the market. And, our fleet of hydrovac trucks is designed to handle a wide range of temperature, soil, and site conditions. We can:

  • Excavate holes up to 450’ feet away from our hydrovac trucks

  • Successfully perform in frozen soil situations (so winter weather leave your project cold!)

  • Dig holes up to 85’ deep

  • Use variable water pressure to perform in variable soil conditions

  • Remove up to 70 cubic yards of topsoil or material per day (Speed is dependant upon soil conditions.)

For safe, reliable, and fast pole hole digging or utility pole installation services, contact us today. Our team of hydrovac excavation specialists is ready to help keep your project on schedule and on budget!


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