Slot Trenching with Hydrovac Excavation - WI Utility ExposureWisconsin Utility Exposure’s hydrovac excavation services provide a non-destructive and more efficient alternative for slot trenching. Using hydrovac excavation for trenching is the most cost-effective way to either “clear” an area or search for a utility line that’s location is unknown. Trenching through buried utilities or landscaped areas are very clean and require far less restoration than other methods. Trenches can be for conduit runs, sprinkler systems, or direct burial utilities. Choosing Wisconsin Utility Exposure eliminates the risks of costly damage caused by traditional slot trenchers. Our Hydrovac experts provide all hydrovac excavation services with safety, efficiency and precision. Once again, hydrovac excavation can produce a trench which leaves no disruptive footprint, requires minimal backfill, and offers safe exposure of underground utilities.


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